TOPIC: Transformation: Place, Tradition and Modernism in Conceptual Unity and Diversity

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WOOD WAVES -- Outside school the camp design

Students:Ma Rushuai
Project :WOOD WAVES -- Outside school the camp design
Tutors :Zhu Mingzheng
School :Southwest Forestry University

Design hope can we find friends was taken away by the television, game consoles. Can let us put down the book and put down the game consoles, put down everything in the city at home, let we really from blundering city return to natural guileless. Let us feel the sunshine leaves and pure and fresh breath.


Located in kunming, yunnan province is located in the li dajian mountain, dajian mountain is li's highest peak, the mountain vegetation coverage is very high, more than for needle, broadleaf and yunnan pine forest zone, the mountains,a mountain at an altitude of 2600 meters large fascine dam is located of large area of yunnan pine forest, spring, summer, full of azaleas,and a variety of brews.


Architecture is defined as a place for dialogue and exchanges, dialogue between students and students and nature, tradition and modern.And through the evolution of the epidermis and space, is outside of the campus activities to building interior space fusion, design inspiration from the pine forests with the regional characteristic, in combination of pine needle form combine with the traditional bamboo weaving technique.

Architecture in nature, the school grow in natural evolution, such as green living organs, become a green framework, contact with the earth mother and the children in many development.。

Building melt on environment -- In the faint light and shadow play,danyang shadow mottled leaves.

Building put in pine forest, the sun and the wind through here, sprinkle with gentle bouncing light spot. Building itself as an integral part of school education, here hope for young people to provide a kind of different from the construction entity structure, it makes playing in the youth to move through the body's subtle, line construction at the same time in the beautiful woods also eliminate the line between themselves and the environment.

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