TOPIC: Transformation: Place, Tradition and Modernism in Conceptual Unity and Diversity

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Arcadia III: of goats and men

Students:Kyriaki Goti 、Nikolaos Xenos、Dimitrios Siokis
Project :Arcadia III: of goats and men
Tutors :
School :Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Faculty of Engineering, School of Architecture

The project suggests novel definitions on the notion of “Arcadia” related to the current context. Arcadia used to represent the ideal relationship between human and nature, without any intervention by any cultural element and was created to express the utopian vision of Romanticism. The project examines the process of husbandry as the main activity involving human and nature, discharged of any romantic and bucolic ideas of pastoralism.

Husbandry is influenced by the progress of human culture and the technological advances it implies. Its transformations through the ages reflect the socioeconomic framework of each period. So does the current context, implying the modernization of husbandry and the adaptation of its processes to the augmented ecology that is emerging. Ecosophy, as it is defined by the triangle of mental, social and environmental ecology by Felix Guattari, is the motivation of a new husbandry model, which makes the symbiosis between human, animal and technology possible.

Goat husbandry is the object of study through which it is extensively examined whether Architecture itself could be redefined in a way to cover the special needs of such activities. Through the study and analysis of archetypical and traditional structures of husbandry infrastructure, motives are found for their redesigning and their transcription according to contemporary contextual facts. History, as an integral part of both culture and nature, is the common ground where artificial and natural can coexist.

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