TOPIC: Transformation: Place, Tradition and Modernism in Conceptual Unity and Diversity

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Maker Campus in the City

Students:Hao Wenchao、Han Yi
Project :Maker Campus in the City
Tutors :Zhou Qing、Lan Xu
School :Tianjin Chengjian University

Yangfuyin Road is a street in the middle of Tianjin city ,which was built in 1918, in the heart of the French concession.It embarks on the combination of historical significance with the western culture and Chinese traditional and regional culture. However,The broken old buildings and patchy public services made the urban center of shortage without using effectively.The original culture and memory are under threat.

Invention has not only occurred in expensive experimental equipments of university or research institution, also not only belongs to one of the few professional scientific research personnel, and should have the opportunity to done by anyone and anywhere. The cre ative commonage type university crowd gathered in the big cities to awaken the consciousness of lifelong learning. To keep old buildings concession characteristic by reserving cross wall.Implanting new group pattern ,planing partitional and gradually evolved,which brings new vitality to the tradition and imparts fresh life to the modern city.

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