TOPIC: Transformation: Place, Tradition and Modernism in Conceptual Unity and Diversity

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Students:Guo Lizi、Fan Chenxi、Wu、Boju、Zhao Yongjia
Tutors :Li Pengtao、Han Ying
School :Inner Mongolia University of Technology

The tradition of Chinese architecture does not only exist in form. During the thousands years, Chinese people insist on trying to realize to communicate with nature environment through architecture. We believe that the tradition of Chinese architecture is reflected in the way to deal with the different field and environment. In this program, we interpret times language into same traditional meaning. This method can be summarized as ‘According to regional characteristics, adapting to local condition.We would like to discuss such an issue that how on earth meaningful the special sence of place is to it's using function.At the same time,what it will bring to users?In addition,what significance and value for users? We want to establish a scheme to make architecture an effective teaching tool as serving the daily teaching work.

The Design Description of Picking up:

Ordos economic has been Against this background, we reform mines, restore order, use by myself. We call that as Picking up.

Income of Picking up:

1、Transformed into a professional school:‘According to regional characteristics, adapting to local condition.’ was adopted as the traditional way. In terms of the existing mine terrain structure, make the most used of old materials and space. The mine would be transformed into a mining school.

2、Professional teaching aids & sense of place:If we would like to rebuild a school, we won’t set up this plan. We pay more attention to the function of the original site facilities. It was a living teaching aid. Our plan is?to transform site into Mining Institute as a starting point while take full advantage of?original facilities as a foothold. Primitive places and facilities were fully utilized to form a huge entity professional teaching aid. The real sense of place, each of students could get in touch, do a survey and have a personal experience directly. Finally, let the Picking up come true.

3、Restore the wound of nature.

Site selection:

The site is located in an abandoned opencast coal mine area, in Suancigou of?Ordos City, Inner Mongolia province. There are plenty of coal reserves, in the underground of mine. Although it was abandoned, the site still has room for development.

Prevent draughts:

Ordos prevails west wind and north westerly wind throughout the year most of time. The miraculous wind below sand because the land desertification is very serious. So, it is value that architects build the architecture under the pit to keep out sand.

cOrdos is located in the western region in Inner Mongolia and located in the mid latitude. It is a semi-arid north temperate continental climate.It is also one of the typical loess hilly gully regions. The terrain ups and downs, complex and geography are complicated.

The concrete core barrel :

1.As the main building is under the ground so it is not conducive to ventilation. It is vital necessary to set up a ventilation road in the core position of the construction ensure that each layer of natural ventilation. At the same time, the core tube facilitates varieties of equipment, installed in the pipeline, essentially.

2.The condition of the pit is complicated. The entire building group needs to be attached to a vertical transport space seated in the center. It not only convinces to connect to various places but evacuates. In the core tube, there are four lifts and two stairs.

3.On the top of the cue tube is the educational administration office district which seat?in the heights of the whole college. It is convenient for staff of school to manage or deal with kinds of events.

4.At the top of concrete core tube has a water tank, which is connected with the underground water collecting device for daily fire.


This kind of coal washing cylinder of platoon has four pounts. One part transformed into bathroom, other three parts were changed into the professional teaching field. The function of that conclude:

laboratory, research Institute, observation room, sample room, measuring room and instrument reserve room.


Ordos has the problem of drought and water shortage. The rainfall is mainly concentrated in July and August. In recent years, there are many areas appear to the phenomenon of abnormal weather. Under the condition of alternating droughts and floods, the bottom of the pit is easier? flooded.

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