TOPIC: Transformation: Place, Tradition and Modernism in Conceptual Unity and Diversity

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Infinity Theatre

Students:Li Chu,Fu
Project :Infinity Theatre
Tutors :Hideki Hirahara
School :Tamkang University Architecture Department

1 - Transprograming

Bopiliao Historic Block is a lively site containing different communities . It’s a mix-use type, features Taiwan’s urban culture providing possibilities to mix programs together. This site has potential to develop an attractive landmark that can become a cultural trigger in the city. It’s located in Lao-Song Elementary School which provides opportunities to build multiple types of experimental performing spaces in an intense city also allow children to interact with performing arts or activities through daily lives.

2 - Space Defined by Frames

Frame is a refine element of theater. It play role of hanging a set or professional equipment. Picture a virtual world in audience’s mind. It’s also a magical to play with vanishing points and perspectives to visualize scene. The public direction of street activities involves into the site, while turning perpendicular to the frame’s direction, the user encounters a whole theatre space created by countless frames.

3 - Equipment Creates Activities

Equipment creates new possibilities to mix multiple activities. On the stage, lighting creates space, defines boundary, adjusts atmosphere, expresses emotions, and hidden audience. In this case all the spaces are not enclosed by physical walls, but the hanging system makes the enclosure. Activities surround the frames. They are open and allow people to join. This type of architectural method releases space from 4 walls!

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