TOPIC: Transformation: Place, Tradition and Modernism in Conceptual Unity and Diversity

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Fade away the bank,Gone with the wind

Students:You Jin、Chen Tianyi、Li Yi、Wan Rong
Project :Fade away the bank,Gone with the wind
Tutors :Chen Wei
School :Chongqing University

We take the radical of the development of modernization of Chong-Qing JiangBei mouth as a virtual location of the university campus in the future. The future of the university of development mode will break the all-closed and a single-student-group of traditional mode type and then develope into an open, universal and resource-sharing communities. The city learning communities provide communication platforms for the diff-erent social background class. University will replace developed comme-rcial buildings with the urban development core rooted in regional cultu-re to show the prosperity of the people in our city.

JiangBei mouth location retained the characteristic elevation difference relationships of ChongQing.We take the integration of the humble landsc-ape architectural form with the combination of the waves in two rivers and the rolling mountains as landscape intention in order in make contrast to regional culture full of high-rise buildings.Four buildings integrate green vegetation with concentrated public space. Continuous large green public space build orders through each of the coherent and fluent green space. Meanwhile squares of different vertical elevations organize streamlines to connect to each building. We utilize rich elevation difference for college students and social people to create more abundant futural activities and more places to exchange ideas and opinions.

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