TOPIC: Transformation: Place, Tradition and Modernism in Conceptual Unity and Diversity

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Students:He Bowei、Jia Chenxi
Tutors :Su Jing

This city is an ancient capital witnesses the history of 13 dynasties. However, with the development of economy and improvement of people’s livelihood, the culture foundation of our nation is shake in this city. The pursuit of material wealth has become the new factor that influences life order. The old block is on the verge of destruction. Nowadays, residents are leaving. Old houses are collapsed, and the block is on the way of declining. They are abandoned and become low-cost living places for people from underclass. The traditional street texture is still remained, but many other things have changed. We should figure out methods of dealing with abandoned space produced by urban modernization, and of building new community space without throwing away historical accumulation, so that we could give old houses in the residents’ memory back to them.

“Sihe courtyard”, which represents quadrangle courtyard in Chinese, is a noun only belongs to Chinese, and shows Chinese people’s nature of grass root. Such imaginative courtyard embodies the Chinese moral standard and human relations.In this fast-developing age, old houses faces unprecedented crisis and challenge. It seems that abandonment is the best way to deal with them.Finding the residual old buildings in the block. These building bear several generations’ memory of this block.These old houses are the new energy of this historical block, and their reconstruction would revitalize the historical building.Historical buildings are similar to acupoints, which are connected and influenced by each other. Making clear the culture context of the historical block.

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