TOPIC: Transformation: Place, Tradition and Modernism in Conceptual Unity and Diversity

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Seeking Rammed Earth - Educational Buildings in Sinkiang University

Students:Wang Yun、Yan Fangli
Project :Seeking Rammed Earth - Educational Buildings in Sinkiang University
Tutors :Kong Yuhang
School :Tianjing University


Located in the northwest of China, the site is at the end of the campus’ circulation in Turpan, facing water and with hills on the back. In long summer, the weather is hot and the sun is strong, and in winter, it is short and cold.


The four buildings sit around a central plaza like a pinwheel. The library is a cube and located at the corner of southwest. The construction engineering , lecture hall and architecture department are obliquely, longitudinally and transversely cut based on the library cube. And the void cutting, which connects the water and hill, runs through north and south of the higher library.


With circle in the square, the plan comes from the dome and minaret of the mosque, and this idea is also used in the other buildings and forms their respective characteristic space. The central square is designed as a semi underground space. In order to adapt to the hot climate, the veranda, separation unit, atrium, windows and other measures are used to resist the strong sunlight, which create a massive roof of grey space.

Regional characteristics:

From various aspects, the buildings echo the local vernacular residential building forms, including the Turpan area’s unique high-profile dwellings, sun rooms and other architectural features. The structure of the building uses reinforced concrete frame structure and rammed earth brick enclosure to against the summer sun and the winter wind.

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