TOPIC: Transformation: Place, Tradition and Modernism in Conceptual Unity and Diversity

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Times and Stones

Students:Xu Chang、Hu Feng、Liu Shanshan
Project :Times and Stones
Tutors :Lv Jing
School :China University of Petroleum

The design is set in nature、traditional、regional(Nature--The contaction with nature is reducing, and it is the same with the experience and reverence of nature.Traditional—With the rapid development of society, tradition is gradually being forgotten.Regional--The living environment are becoming increasingly the same,without characteristic as the society develop modernly.) .It concentrates on “Modern architecture regionalize and vernacular architecture modernize”.It is based on the experience of Goldenthal Hill. Take rocks and mountains as the basic image. Create buildings by the means of scattered neighborhoods and axis space experience .The design concept is derived from the first of the “Five Sacred Mountains ”--Mt.Tai .

The building is located at the foot of Mt.Tai ,in Shandong Agricultural University Campus,Tai’an.Building groups take rocks as the basic image.In addition to meet the learning and people's daily activities ,it also provide a mountaineering experience for people. It forms the basic framework with building blocks and staircases which surround the entire building groups up and down.Combined with traditional courtyard space, the four building-units respectively build a courtyard space and enclose a semi-open space in the square .Thus,it creating a particular experience of space. Combined with Chinese traditional axis arts and street space axis ,arrange rocks image according to the elevated terrain and connect defferent parts by glasses in order to heritage and develop. The materials are taken from local sedimentary rocks and make the imageof rocks clear and concrete.People will feel the combination of nature, artifical,tradition and modern when walking in the building groups.

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