TOPIC: Transformation: Place, Tradition and Modernism in Conceptual Unity and Diversity

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Students:Tu Weiwei、Li Jianghua、Hu Yanren、Li Qinfei
Project :CREEP
Tutors :Zhai Xiaoting、Ren Pengyuan
School :Jiangsu University of Science and Technology

The ancient great educator once said "Confucius water torrents, is feeding the milk of all creatures, it is like a virtue. Water has no definite shape, or square or long, will flow downward, and gentle, it seems to have a friendship. The water in the rocks, stone chisel, out of fear, it seems to have ambition. All things into the water, will be cleaned up the dirt, it seems like charity education...... From this, the water is really a gentleman ah."

The design object is education building, we believe that a gentleman such as water, for people's education contains two aspects of cultural education and moral education, so the project theme to take the flow of the "creeping" attitude, meaning a gentleman when the water is generous, humility and perseverance.

Project from two aspects of the performance of the theme. On the one hand, through the simple path of building, into the "rest", "discussion", "activities" of the different functional space. About the whole big square into a small space in the combination of the walking path. On the other hand, it will break down the building of a block of land, which is used to form a folding type, which is used to distinguish the curved path.

The building facade from the Jiangnan traditional houses of elegance in black and white. The window elements from houses attract sb.'s attention at the same time, to create a unique light feeling.

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