TOPIC: Transformation: Place, Tradition and Modernism in Conceptual Unity and Diversity

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street culture --university campus design in Chengdu

Students:Zhang Shengjie、Wang Shuang
Project :street culture --university campus design in Chengdu
Tutors :
School :Southwest Jiaotong University

The site is located in Chengdu, Sichuan Province. From the ancient land of abundance, to today's modern city, It has gone through ups and downs, and its cultural flavor is passing away.So the intention of the scheme is to reconstruct the cultural flavor of the traditional city which has disappeared from the life.We take the streets as a living scene, and our design is to construct the cultural connotation from the street culture.Street is a microcosm of society, but also the most active part of the city. In the streets, people like to chat together, entertainment, doing craft, etc. So the curtains will be opened, and each person's story runs through the streets. All kinds of cultural phenomenon gradually became the unique cultural charm of Chengdu.

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