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A thousand of stray birds

Students:Yang Yifei、Zeng Huanxuan、Wang Aowei、Huang Rong
Project :street culture --university campus design in Chengdu
Tutors :Zhou Bailing
School :Huazhong university of science and technology Wen Hua college

The terrain of this design is South China, the climate of the South China is wet and rainy, summer sun, winter is relatively warm and pleasant, the construction is mostly using lightweight materials, what we do is a campus building constructed by light materials, and the users of the building are mostly students and teachers.

[CIDORI] structure, [CIDORI] literally means one thousand birds, not for expressing material intensive, but in interpretation state of birds fly over the sky.

[CIDORI lattice structure] is rectangular wood production gap and its combined into three-dimensional grid of China traditional process technology. Use strong steel structure, in this design in the structure of the same principle, and the use of Chinese mortise and tenon joint connection mode, make the building was stable in the frame supported. The rainwater collection device in the structure, energy conservation and emissions reduction and solved the problem of the southern rainy.

The design ingenious use of these points,through the strip in turn by the down to adduction ,formed as the ancient stone glass board for grey space,after a series of slow light reflection to enter the area of user activity. Sunshade heat insulation on one hand, have the effect of building itself offered shelter, on the other hand,a large number of new energy-saving solar panels material is echo green building initiative in modern society.

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